Help Map
Name Img Description
Hero can not move on it.
Hero can not move on it.
Hero can move over it with full speed.
Heroes speed is halved.
Town Town where user can start.
Town Town where user can not start.
Artifact Artifact class 1
Artifact Artifact class 2
Artifact Artifact class 3
Artifact Artifact class 4
Gold Treasure with 1500 - 2000 gold
Wood Treasure with 6 - 8 wood
Rocks Treasure with 6 - 8 rocks
Diamonds Treasure with 3 - 4 diamonds
Surf Treasure with 3 - 4 sulfur
Gams Treasure with 3 - 4 gams
Mercury Treasure with 3 - 4 mercury
Gold mine Provide +500 gold / day.
Wood mine Provide +2 wood / day.
Rocks mine Provide +2 Rocks / day.
Diamonds mine Provide +1 Diamonds / day.
Surf mine Provide +1 Surf / day.
Gams mine Provide +1 Gams / day.
Mercury mine Provide +1 Mercury / day.
Witch Hut Give 1 skill 1lvl to all visited heroes for free.
Solar Give or upgrade 1 free skill to first visiting hero. If skill is already on max level, then it incese random statistic by 1.
Learning stone Give 1000 exp once per hero.
Tower Attack Give +1 attack once per hero.
Tower Defence Give +1 defense once per hero.
Star Ax Give +1 spell power once per hero.
Garden of Eden Give +10 mana limit once per hero.
Library Give +2 of Attack, Defence, Spell power and +20 max mana once per hero of 10lvl. Or hero 8lvl with dyplomaticy 1lvl, or hero 6lvl with dyplomaticy 2lvl, or hero 4lvl with dyplomaticy 3lvl.
Well Regenerate mana to full.
Stable Incerese hero move on map by 6 to end of week.
University Have 4 skills. Visiting hero can buy 1lvl of each of thouse skill for 2000 gold
Shrine 1lvl Teach each visiting hero 1lvl spell.
Shrine 2lvl Teach each visiting hero 2lvl spell.
Shrine 3lvl Teach each visiting hero 3lvl spell.
Creatures 1lvl Enemy army with 1-50 units of level 1. Number increase by 10% every week.
Creatures 2lvl Enemy army with 1-28 units of level 2. Number increase by 10% every week.
Creatures 3lvl Enemy army with 1-20 units of level 3.
Creatures 4lvl Enemy army with 1-16 units of level 4.
Creatures 5lvl Enemy army with 1-12 units of level 5.
Creatures 6lvl Enemy army with 1-12 units of level 6.
Creatures 7lvl Enemy army with 1-10 units of level 7.