Help - How Spells works ?
During battle hero* can cast spell if:
  • He/She know that spell. Have lerned it before battle. *
  • Have enought mana. *
To learn spell hero need to:
  • Be in town with Magic Guild building that have that spell. *
  • $spell->cost <= $hero->mana_max
  • For 3lvl, 4lvl and 5lvl spells hero also need wisdom skill.
How each spell works depend on 2 variables:
  • power = it's taken from stat of hero called Spell Power *. Can be incresed or decresed by artifacts.
  • e = effectivnes depend on level of magic school skill of hero (skills: Water Magic, Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic). *
    • Basic: e=1. Thats what you have without any skills or if you have only 1lvl of right magic school skill.
    • Advanced: e=2. If hero have right magic school skill at 2lvl
    • Expert: e=3. If hero have right magic school skill on 3lvl
Duration of spells that modific untis stats or behavior is equal to spell power per round, unless description say other way. *
Help - Spells
School Name Level Mana Description
Earth Magic View Earth 1 2 Show content of Witch Huts and Universities in range of max(3,e*power).
Air Magic View Air 1 2 Show Artifacts in range of max(3,e*power).
Any Magic Magic Arrow 1 5 Hit single unit with e*10+power*10
Water Magic Bless 1 5 Target (or all) allied creature(s) inflict maximum damage (or maximum +1) when they attack.
Water Magic Dispel 1 5 Removes all spell effects from Base: target allied, Advanced: any target, Expert: all creatures and the battlefield.
Fire Magic Bloodlust 1 5 Increases attack of target allied creature for melee attacks. Basic: +3. Advanced: +6 Expert: all ally creatures +6
Earth Magic Shield 1 5 Reduces damage taken from hand-to-hand attacks. Basic: Single ally 15%. Advenced: Singel ally 30%. Expert: All allies by 30%.
Earth Magic Stone Skin 1 5 Increases defense. Basic: Single ally +3. Advanced: Single ally +6. Expert: All allies +6.
Water Magic Cure 1 6 Removes all negative spell effects from target (or all) allied troop and heals it for (10/20/30 + (power x 5)) health points.
Fire Magic Curse 1 6 The targeted (or all) enemy unit(s) deliver minimum or reduced damage when attacking.
Earth Magic Slow 1 6 Decreases speed. Basic: Single enemy 25% of normal speed. Advanced: 50%. Expert: 50% all enemies.
Air Magic Haste 1 6 Target (or all) allied troop's speed is increased by 3 (or 5) grids per turn.
Water Magic Vision 2 4 Show unmber of units of Basic: Wandering creatures. Advanced: Enemy Heroes. Expert: Towns. In range of max(3,e*power).
Air Magic Disguise 2 4 Hide information about your units from enemy
Air Magic Fortune 2 7 Increases luck. Basic: Single ally +1, Advanced: +2. Expert: All allies +2.
Water Magic Weakness 2 8 Attack -3, -6, all enemies -6.
Water Magic Ice Bolt 2 8 Inflicts 10,20,50+power*20 damage on a single enemy
Air Magic Precision 2 8 Increases ranged attack rating. Basic: Single ally +3. Advanced: Single ally +6. Expert: All allies +6.
Fire Magic Blind 2 10 Prevents any action from being taken by target enemy creature.
Earth Magic Dead-ripper 2 10 Inflicts e*10+power*5 damage on all non-undead units
Air Magic Lightning Bolt 2 10 Inflicts 10,20,50+power*25 damage on a single enemy
Water Magic Frost Ring 3 12 Inflicts 15*2^(e-1)+power*10 magic damage on all creatures in area 3x3 except for one in the center
Water Magic Mirth 3 12 morale +1 / +2 / all friend units +2
Water Magic Forgetfulness 3 12 Prevents use of ranged attacks. Basic: Single enemy. Expert: All enemies.
Fire Magic Misfortune 3 12 luck-- or luck-=2 for one/all
Air Magic Air Shield 3 12 Reduces damage taken from ranged attacks by 25% or 50% or all ally units by 50%.
Fire Magic Fireball 3 15 Inflicts 15*2^(e-1)+power*10 magic damage on all creatures in area 3x3
Earth Magic Animate Dead 3 15 Reanimates killed undead creatures for 30,60,160+power*50 HP, but not more than at the beign of battle.
Air Magic Destroy Undead 3 15 Inflicts 10,20,50+power*10 magic damage on all undead creatures
Water Magic Prayer 4 16 Increases attack rating, defense rating and speed. Basic: Single ally. Expert: All allies.
Fire Magic Inferno 4 16 Inflicts 10*2^e+power*10 magic damage on all creatures in area 5x5
Fire Magic Frenzy 4 16 Change defense in to attack
Fire Magic Fire sheld 4 16 Damage every unit attacking unit effected by this spell with power of 20%/25%/30% of attack damage
Earth Magic Meteor shower 4 16 Inflicts 25*2^(e-1)+power*25 magic damage on all creatures in area 3x3
Earth Magic Town portal 4 16 Basic: Teleport hero to neares owned town. Here will lose 6 move points. On advanced it will let you chose town to teleport to. On expert here lose only 4 move points
Earth Magic Sorrow 4 16 Reduces morale. Basic: Single enemy -1. Advanced: Single enemy -2. Expert: All enemies -2.
Earth Magic Resurrection 4 20 Resurrects killed living creatures with 20*2^e+power*50 HP but not more than at the begin of battle.
Fire Magic Armagedon 4 24 all trups get 30,60,120 + power*50 HP hit
Air Magic Chain Lightning 4 24 Inflicts 25*2^(e-1)+power*40 magic damage on initial creature and reduced damage on nearby creatures.
Air Magic Counterstrike 4 24 Allows 1 or 2 extra retaliations per round. Basic: Single ally. Expert: All allies.
Air Magic Magic Mirror 5 25 Reflects hostile spells towards a random enemy creature 20% or 30% or 40% of the time
Earth Magic Implosion 5 30 Hit single unit with e*100+power*75
Any Magic Disease 6 0 Decrese unit attack and defense by 2. Cast by zombie only.
Any Magic Aging 6 0 half max hp
* = special conditions apply.