Help Map
Name Editor Code Editor Color Size Img Description
Water ~ #0000FF 1x1
Hero can not move on it.
Rock # #FFFFFF 1x1
Hero can not move on it.
Road #444444 1x1
Hero can move over it with full speed.
Forest . #888888 1x1
Heroes speed is halved.
Town t #00FF00 3x4 Town where user can start.
Town T #00CC00 3x4 Town where user can not start.
Artifact a #CCCC00 1x1 Artifact class 1
Artifact A #DDDD00 1x1 Artifact class 2
Artifact @ #EEEE00 1x1 Artifact class 3
Artifact ! #FFFF00 1x1 Artifact class 4
Random sur x #00FFFF 1x1 ? Treasure with random sur
Gold $ #00EEEE 1x1 Treasure with 1500 - 2000 gold
Wood w #00DDDD 1x1 Treasure with 6 - 8 wood
Rocks r #00CCCC 1x1 Treasure with 6 - 8 rocks
Diamonds d #00BBBB 1x1 Treasure with 3 - 4 diamonds
Surf s #00AAAA 1x1 Treasure with 3 - 4 sulfur
Gams g #009999 1x1 Treasure with 3 - 4 gams
Mercury m #008888 1x1 Treasure with 3 - 4 mercury
Random Mine X #44FFFF 3x2 ? Randomly selected mine.
Gold mine % #44EEEE 3x2 Provide +500 gold / day.
Wood mine W #44DDDD 3x2 Provide +2 wood / day.
Rocks mine R #44CCCC 3x2 Provide +2 Rocks / day.
Diamonds mine D #44BBBB 3x2 Provide +1 Diamonds / day.
Surf mine S #44AAAA 3x2 Provide +1 Surf / day.
Gams mine G #449999 3x2 Provide +1 Gams / day.
Mercury mine M #448888 3x2 Provide +1 Mercury / day.
Witch Hut H #FF984E 3x2 Give 1 skill 1lvl to all visited heroes for free.
Solar h #FFC844 1x1 Give or upgrade 1 free skill to first visiting hero. If skill is already on max level, then it incese random statistic by 1.
Learning stone E #FFE322 1x1 Give 1000 exp once per hero.
Tower Attack Q #4f5052 1x1 Give +1 attack once per hero.
Tower Defence O #51B2EB 1x1 Give +1 defense once per hero.
Star Ax * #dedea3 1x1 Give +1 spell power once per hero.
Garden of Eden q #8888FF 1x1 Give +10 mana limit once per hero.
Library L #3d3716 5x2 Give +2 of Attack, Defence, Spell power and +20 max mana once per hero of 10lvl. Or hero 8lvl with dyplomaticy 1lvl, or hero 6lvl with dyplomaticy 2lvl, or hero 4lvl with dyplomaticy 3lvl.
Well o #FF8888 1x1 Regenerate mana to full.
Stable V #FFCCCC 3x3 Incerese hero move on map to end of week.
University U #859fff 4x4 Have 4 skills. Visiting hero can buy 1lvl of each of thouse skill for 2000 gold
Shrine 1lvl N #00FFAA 1x2 Teach each visiting hero 1lvl spell.
Shrine 2lvl J #00FFBB 1x2 Teach each visiting hero 2lvl spell.
Shrine 3lvl I #00FFCC 1x2 Teach each visiting hero 3lvl spell.
Creatures random lvl 9 #FF0000 1x1 ? Randomly selected enemy army.
Creatures 1lvl 1 #EE0000 1x1 Enemy army level 1.
Creatures 2lvl 2 #DD0000 1x1 Enemy army level 2.
Creatures 3lvl 3 #CC0000 1x1 Enemy army level 3.
Creatures 4lvl 4 #BB0000 1x1 Enemy army level 4.
Creatures 5lvl 5 #AA0000 1x1 Enemy army level 5.
Creatures 6lvl 6 #990000 1x1 Enemy army level 6.
Creatures 7lvl 7 #880000 1x1 Enemy army level 7.